Social Media Management

Virtually all organizations have some level of social media presence but potentially much of those social media pages aren’t frequently monitored, updated, or looked after. Often customer complaints or grievances go unanswered or even unnoticed by the page administrators allowing those social media pages to become an arena for angry and neglected customers to share their bad experiences.

Similarly, when customers show interest, ask a question about a product or a service, request to be contacted, they may not get any response which potentially represent lost revenue opportunities for the organization.

Over and above, in recent years many organizations adopted some level AI based chatbots which are often frustrating because of their limited scope and inability delight customers who are either looking to buy something or requesting some kind of a service.

While many marketers brag about the number of followers on their social media pages, they totally miss the effects of stale old pages, poor customer interactions and negative customer sentiment as areas for improvement. At Frontier Communications, while we are strong believers in technology and its role, we are equally strong believers that technology has its place and human interactions have their place, the two complement each other rather than compete.

Frontier Communications social media presence management gives you piece of mind, we monitor the interactions on your social media pages, respond when appropriate and refer to you when appropriate, we keep your pages fresh with regular and exciting posts, we dive into your chatbot logs to uncover areas of improvement and we monitor the general sentiment about your organization as well as it products and services.