Event Audience Acquisition

Most professionals get bombarded with too many invitations to seminars, webinars and conferences either via email or social media. Most of these invitations are poorly targeted, and over and above the content in the invitation is not compelling enough. Naturally these events end up with fewer attendees than originally planned by the organizers.

Every event marketer aspires to raise awareness, create interest and ultimately fill the event venue with the right people hoping to get some highly qualified sales leads that would potentially translate into revenue. Unfortunately most of those aspirations and hopes end up unfulfilled.

Frontier Communications has been engaged with great success in audience acquisition for events both large and small. Our offering is both modular and integrated, from targeting your selected segments with email and/or social media, to telemarketing follow up and from event registration system to post event activities including tabulating attendee evaluation forms, sending thank you/we missed you notes to those who attended/missed. We usually start by validating the messaging and making sure the invitations are compelling both verbally and visually, the value proposition is appealing, and the agenda is clear. At Frontier Communications we do not think of ourselves merely as an agency but as your partner in success.

Looking to get real ROI on your events, Frontier Communications can help you acquire the right audience for your events.