Social Media Advertising

Most marketers are well aware of the power of social media especially when it comes to advertising, and many marketers have tried their hand at creating and running social media advertising campaigns with varying results.

While it is rather easy to setup a simple advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. it is not so easy to figure out how to split your budget among the various social media platforms or to gain a deep understanding of their targeting capabilities.

Most marketing agencies will setup your campaigns, allocate your budget and push the button, but at Frontier Communications our experts will make a significant effort to understand the purpose of your campaign, target audience and the expected outcome before they start walking you through how, who, what content and which social media platforms is suitable for your purpose. We will work a comprehensive plan that often includes a test phase to see what content and which platform performs better, and use dynamic budget allocation models to reallocate budgets dynamically to best performing platform(s) throughout the life of your campaign.

Our team will monitor the social media campaign performances and optimize and adjusts on an ongoing basis to deliver best outcomes for your business.

Frontier Communications can deliver social media advertising as a standalone service, but it is often offered within broader campaigns like event audience acquisition.