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Demand Generation

Frontier Communications combines several of its modular services like email marketing, social media, advertising and telemarketing in a variety of configurations in order deliver an integrated demand/lead generation service to our clients. Whether you are looking for a mass marketing…

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Content Creation

Content can be anything from a simple tweet to a 20 page quantum computing white paper, from a short product description for your product listing on Amazon to an engaging testimony from one of your delighted clients but unfortunately we…

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Email Marketing

Frontier Communications maintains a significant database of contacts complete with a vast array of attributes enabling our team to easily and quickly zoom in on a very specific target audience and execute email campaigns on a world class email delivery…

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Whether you need telemarketing for event audience acquisition, lead qualification or list validation our multilingual highly trained telemarketing team is always up to the task. Many marketers have become acutely aware that delivering leads to sales teams can only be…

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List Management

Many organizations retain large customer contact databases within their CRM systems but as we all know such lists tend to get out of date rather quickly as people change jobs, employers, phone numbers, email IDs and ultimately retire. This results…

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Social Media Management

Virtually all organizations have some level of social media presence but potentially much of those social media pages aren’t frequently monitored, updated, or looked after. Often customer complaints or grievances go unanswered or even unnoticed by the page administrators allowing…

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Custom Digital Projects

Whether you are looking to revamp your website, need help with content creation, looking to document some of your customer success stories, want to run a market survey, or simply want to create a number of infographics, Frontier Communications with…

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Opinion Pieces

A Handshake or a Handover

In my last blog I covered the specific areas where artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads in marketing primarily dynamic segmentation, copywriting, and graphic design. These are all areas where AI is doing things that humans have already been doing…

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