Marketing Automation

Most marketers are well aware that one interaction with a prospect does not create a sale or even a good sales lead. When you send a promotional email only a few might open it, some of those who opened it might click on your call to action button, and some of those who clicked on your call to action button might end up on your landing page or completing their contact details.

You can already see how a simple marketing tactic like a promotional email creates a relatively large tree of possible outcomes representing people who opened or not, clicked or not, registered or not etc. Good marketers know that they need to treat each one of those groups differently, for instance some need nurturing, others need a sales call, etc.. In many cases most of those actions ought to be initiated manually and on a pre-defined schedule but tend to fall by the wayside because the marketing organization is now engaged in something else, a new campaign, a new launch, or a new quarter.

Marketing automation is where you setup and automate what action is to be taken for each group; who needs to get a reminder and when, who needs to be further nurtured, who needs to be passed on to sales and who needs to get routed to another campaign. This is all set upfront and technology does what it is best at – repetitive tasks.

Marketing automation revolves around triggers, conditions, and action, once those are met the software knows what to do leaving you with more time and energy to plan new campaigns, monitor, tune and hopefully enjoy good results.

Frontier Communications has the knowledge and the expertise to help you with many of the important questions that you might have; is marketing automation right for me?, is my organization ready for marketing automation?, or which product should I choose and why? We will partner with you to provide and implement the right solution for your business, train and handhold your team, involve in integrating marketing automation with your other technology platforms and look after your data migration to get you started on your exciting and most rewarding marketing automation journey.

Let us take you through that journey and show you how you can grow your business .